Post-Its, faootball and more

Team-Event of NEONEX on Juli 6th 2018

The management team calls for the 1st Townhall Meeting: On Friday, July 6, the entire NEONEX crew came together to spend a varied team day together. A special feature in the travel-intensive day-to-day role of a consultant, when Managing Director, Senior Experts, Consultants, internal staff and the entire Studi-Force sit around a table at the same time - even with a small team.

And that literally started: the desks were converted into a long table, which was first used extensively for breakfast.
The Townhall meeting, which will take place twice a year in the future, is intended to strengthen team spirit and to share opinions, ideas and thoughts, and to provide feedback for the further development of the company.

Therefore, after breakfast it was about updating each other on current projects and discussing strategy and objectives on certain points. What's going on, what is there to improve? The result of the morning: Our walls full of post-its with many suggestions and an overview of what constitutes NEONEX.

In the afternoon the team activities were in the foreground. In the ESCAPE-Rooms we changed the industry and the decade in the short term: As students of a renowned - but unfortunately lost - professor, we saved the world from a toxic virus by clever cooperation. What an excitement! The perfect basis for a relaxing end to the day in the office - with football World Cup, refreshing drinks and office neighbors.

In the end, we spent such a day away from the normal working day, which made it possible to give room for news, constructive criticism and team spirit. We want to grow together and evolve - the Townhall Meeting is the perfect base. Now it is time to use the input we have created, so that we can look at our progress together at our next meeting in half a year. We're looking forward to!

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