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Dr. Peter Stephan
Senior Partner & Co-Founder

Digitalization opens up significant opportunities for your value creation. But how do you digitalize and optimize your existing factories and processes? We support you in increasing effectiveness and efficiency - from the strategy to the personal roadmap to the global roll-out of use cases.

In everyday life, we all are digitalization heroes - whether it's with making purchases online, using social media or even controlling lamps and coffee machines via smart home devices. But how do you use the advantages of digital technologies for the value creation of your company? Digital applications allow transparent and efficient processes, open up opportunities for the economic use of data and support your employees in their daily work.

We believe: The companies that remain competitive in the future will be those that intelligently connect people, processes, technologies and data. However, across different industries and companies, the optimal solution can look very different. The companies mastering the digital transformation are therefore those that can already answer the question of "why" at the beginning of their transformation. In our strategy-driven approach, we begin with identifying your “why” with you and work our way towards your competitive value creation step by step through individual solutions. Our consultants accompany you throughout the entire journey as project managers, structure and process architects, critical process questioners, independent provider experts and pioneering structure providers.


Qualification and visioning

Smart Factory, Industry 4.0, Lean and Digital: In a first step, it is important to agree on a common understanding of central terms and models within your company. Our online Smart Starter Programm offers a good opportunity to do this.
In the so-called Management Bootcamp, the first thrust of the company's own Smart Factory is defined on the basis of concretely implemented project examples.

Strategy development

Do you want to reduce costs? Or do you want to stand out in the market with a special customer service? At the beginning of a holistic digital transformation is the question of "why". After all, only those who have a clear picture in mind can later act in a targeted manner.

Identification of smart potentials

The next step is to check your value stream for digitalization potentials. In many cases, our automated value stream mapping (deepVSM) or smart potential analysis / automation assessment is the tool of choice for this. We analyze your essential processes and put them to the test together with you. A prioritized "Opportunities / Potential Portfolio" is the result of this step. You can find examples of typical digital applications in our use case library.

Selection of digital applications (use cases)

With the involvement of the departments, the identified potentials are evaluated in this step and prioritized in consideration of the defined strategy. This creates an implementation roadmap of various applications in production, logistics and indirect areas. Concrete project plans are now drawn up and teams are defined for the first selected use cases. In most cases, agile project management is suitable for the digital transformation, as it allows for a flexible reaction to changes in the framework conditions. This is particularly advantageous because the prioritization defined at this point can change during the ongoing project, e.g. due to new market requirements or because planned functions are already covered by other introduced use cases.

Implementation of use cases and global roll-out

The defined use cases are now implemented one after the other in the individual divisions. The involvement of the employees who will later be responsible is a decisive success factor for the acceptance of the measures. After the implementation, training and stabilization of the applications in a pilot plant, the use cases can be rolled out to possible other locations of your company.

Change Management

The key success factor for all transformation projects are the people ivolved. Transformations often fail due to a lack of change management as managers and their employees are not integrated, informed, picked up and taken along. Accordingly, change management is an essential part of every transformation project for NEONEX.

NEONEX Success Factors

Our in-depth experience with end-2-end business processes combined with our LEAN, supply chain & digital knowledge enables us to design waste-free processes with you that are interlinked from order entry to order exit. We do not view new technologies and methods such as IIoT and data analytics as solutions in themselves, but as enablers for individually optimized processes.

Make your existing production environment fit for future. Decide for NEONEX Smart Factory Transformation if you want to gain sustainable process improvements through the smart use of Industry 4.0 technologies.

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