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Efficient and customer-focused processes are at the core of sustainable business success. Together with you, we create operational excellence through the horizontal interconnection of your processes and the effective use of digital tools.

From ordering materials to shipping goods, from the first inquiry to customer support: In many companies, very different systems are used for planning, management and control across the various steps of the value creation process. But the more diverse the methodologies and tools, the greater the potential for inefficiencies: In many companies, digital waste occurs because individual applications or even the interaction of all systems do not function smoothly. The exact causes and starting points for improvements are often abstract and difficult to understand. The result is intransparency, user-unfriendly systems with manual maintenance efforts, a lack of standardization and a lack of automation.

The problem? As customer expectations continue to rise and competitive demands increase, the effort required to manage them increases exponentially, becoming a risk factor.

With Smart Business Processes, we support you in efficiently managing individual business processes in the complete end-2-end process chain and optimally networking them with upstream and downstream process steps. This results in lean, transparent overall processes. Our range of services thus includes both the digitization of process steps through the expansion of existing systems and the minimization of digital waste in existing systems caused, for example, by redundant data between different systems, missing data transfer or user-unfriendly tools.

Our service

Process-oriented potential analysis & selection of the first use cases

In the first step, we determine the potentials along the selected business process with your team. The subsequent team recommendation then defines the first use case(s).

Design of the future process

In this step, we define the future process with your team and describe the requirements that the solution provider (internal IT or external) needs to generate a qualified offer.

Other additional requirements

In this step we complete your requirements with IT relevant and commercial topics.

  • Description of the required functionalities,
  • the IT architecture relationship
  • Non-functional hardware and software requirements,
  • Possible relationship to other use cases

Supplier selection process & team recommendation

In the third step, we conduct a professional market screening with you, define a longlist and a shortlist, organize a supplier information day and, if desired, best practice and reference visits. The structured offer evaluation as well as a profitability analysis are then the basis for the team recommendation based on functional, financial, and IT-relevant requirements and serve as a decision template for your company.

Realization & Implementation

Since many of our customers have no experience with efficient software and change projects, we offer optional implementation support. Here we access the modern project management methods in software development, so that you quickly get an efficient and user-friendly solution.

Our approach

Process first, technology second. For many providers, the focus of change is on the hasty deployment of software solutions - without taking a close look at the underlying process. This not only leads to the fact that prevailing inefficiencies are not really eliminated. Rather, user-friendliness and acceptance on the part of employees often suffer as well. As process experts with many years of experience in industry and with transformation projects, we know that digital tools only deliver added value in conjunction with lean processes and satisfied employees. That is why our priority is first to improve existing processes with LEAN principles and to involve all employees before software solutions are tailored to these needs.

NEONEX Success Factors

With our process and IT know-how, we support you holistically and independently in your operations, supply chain and finance. The use of agile project management in implementation is decisive in order to flexibly meet changes in the course of the project.

Interconnecting processes - with NEONEX

Decide on lean, digitized and interconnected processes for more efficient, transparent and resilient value creation. With NEONEX Smart Business Processes, we offer you the support needed to get there. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Jochen Leppert, Senior Partner
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