Stay competitive

International trade conflicts, digitization, structural change, economic cooling and last but not least the corona virus strain the global manufacturing industry.
Unfortunately, according to current forecasts, these circumstances are not expected to change quickly. This leads to the need to reduce costs quickly.

With the result-based optimization based on Data Analytics we offer you a method to achieve cost reductions without (major) investments.

Reduce inventory costs, increase service levels

Inventories are a daily challenge for supply chain planners - and a real problem for management. The resulting costs of 9-15% of the total inventory are an essential cost block in your profit and loss account. A general inventory reduction would not help - the service level would suffer.

Optimized stocks in three steps

Analyze existing logistics data and supply chain parameters

We combine movement data from the ERP system and material master data of your articles and simulate how a change in various planning data and processes (e.g. replenishment lead time, lot size, demand balance) affects the total costs.

Visualize results

The results of the analysis are visualized and discussed with you in a two-day expert workshop .

Develop measures to optimize inventory

In most of your SKUs, the analysis leads to a reduction.
However, our simulation also shows where it makes sense to increase the safety stock in order to maintain or increase the service level .
In addition, your core team will be trained and your master data quality will be evaluated in parallel .

In a nutshell

How does the simulation and analysis of your warehouse data work?

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Why data analytics to reduce costs?


are available in all industries, but are often not used.

Project start

mostly immediately, since existing data is usually sufficient.

Project costs

are covered in most cases immediately by the savings made.

Why NEONEX Analytics?

Process and industry experience

We know where to find your data.
Our team consists of a profitable mixture of experts and young professionals.
We offer a wide range of tools and solutions.

Know-how to link processes with the income statement

We strive for results and savings.
We make sure that everyone in the project always has the goal clearly in mind.

Refund warranty

You will get your money back if our Return on Consulting takes longer than six months.

Decide with NEONEX Analytics to intelligently optimize your inventory instead of reducing it across the board.

Your contact person

Jochen Leppert, Senior Partner
Jochen Leppert
Senior Partner
T +49 (0)173 3463608


- Inventory: - 20%… - 50%
- Service level: + 5% ... + 25%
- Qualified team
- New supply chain parameters


2 weeks