When dealing with the digital transformation of one's own company, it is advisable to analyse best practices and implemented solutions of pioneers in the industry. The tour focuses on the (boundary) conditions for approaching digitization, on applications that have already been successfully implemented, and on the corporate strategic background to achieve the goal of becoming a Digital Enterprise. As part of our Smart Factory Tours, pioneer companies are opening their factory halls and providing insights into the current state of implementation of concrete applications for digitization on the shop floor. The Digital Transformation Tour expands the focus on the entire company and shows how the organization and customer interface are changing.

What can you expect?

Learn about the premises and prerequisites of digital value creation as well as available digitization solutions, including their fast and targeted implementation. Besides, the sustainable embedding in existing organizational processes must not be missed! You will receive unadulterated insights into the current state of practical application of future technologies on the shop floor.


Dr. Jochen Schlick
Senior Partner & Co-Founder
T +49 711 933 55 840

What participants say

"Very many suggestions, very practical, very open companies, who are not afraid to answer all questions honestly."

"Very good that the staff has talked about the practice very openly!"

"The diverse impressions must be sorted and prioritized. My company should make even more urgent progress towards digitization. "


Plant managers and executives from Lean / CIP, Production / AV, Logistics / Supply Chain, Planning / Control, Quality, IT, Quality, Administrative Areas, Digital Representatives


Smart Guide

for the first steps of the digital transformation

Lighthouse projects

for the successful development to a digitally intelligent company


in management systems


into state-of-the-art production technologies and agile production architectures