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STAUFEN.DIGITAL NEONEX is the consulting and qualification company for the digital transformation of the industry and B2B companies. Whether medium-sized companies or global players, we accompany those responsible in the fields of mechanical engineering, automotive and aviation on their way to peak performance.

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Digitization is the connection between the real and virtual worlds through the comprehensive availability of data about physical objects and processes.

The need for qualification in companies is increasing. The competence profiles are changing. Uncertainties through ignorance leads to a defensive attitude and resulting inefficiencies. NEONEX combines all the relevant qualification modules for a digital transformation in the Digital Master Program. The objectives are: to impart knowledge, to exchange experiences, to gather inspirations, to experience top performance and to jointly develop process models. This creates acceptance, trust and success among specialists and executives.


Anastasia Bagrianski
Junior Manager Academy
T +49 711 93355840

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NEONEX does not think in isolated applications, but always looks at the strategic orientation of its customers as well as the development of new business models and products in addition to the Smart Factory.
i 4.0 for me - the intelligent combination of people, technology and IT.
The digitization of business models and the personalized production of smart products are leading to disruptive changes in industry / value creation.
Digital transformation is never an end in itself for us, but enables companies to seize new market opportunities and to respond to social and economic changes.
NEONEX supports companies in the industrial sector with the smart transformation to the Digital Enterprise.
Digitalization in value creation requires stability. Lean and standardized processes and structures of a lean enterprise form the basis.
  • Thomas Rohrbach
    Managing Director, Co-Founder
  • Johann Soder
    Managing Director Operations
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Bauernhansl
    Institute Director
    Fraunhofer Institute for Production Engineering and Automation IPA
  • Dr. Jochen Schlick
    Senior Partner, Co-Founder
  • Dr. Peter Stephan
    Senior Partner, Co-Founder
  • Wilhelm Goschy
    Management Board Staufen AG

STAUFEN.DIGITAL NEONEX - your consulting partner for the digital transformation

The digital transformation - a megatrend that is now massively changing the economy after our private lives. The world is growing together, the competition is becoming more global, and the ubiquity of the Internet is blurring vertical industry boundaries. New entrants come into play. In order to be able to assert oneself against global competitors tomorrow, decisions have to be taken in the short term and change must be initiated.

Businesses need to increase their competitiveness and value-added efficiency through smart-factory solutions. Industry 4.0 offers enormous opportunities here: use e.g. Real-time information in the supply chain, optimize your decision-making with data-driven information flows, reduce error rates and increase profitability. On the other hand, it is important to exploit the opportunities for emerging markets through smart portfolio approaches by Produced and delivered more quickly and in individualized quality, a smart service or intelligent services and digital business models increase customer benefits, etc. The technical possibilities around Industry 4.0 seem inexhaustible - only companies that optimize both sides of their profit and loss account, become winners of the digital transformation. You as a manager are in demand as a future designer!


Successful digitization of companies, products and processes requires reliable and strong partners. STAUFEN.DIGITAL NEONEX is the consulting and qualification company for the digital transformation of the industry and B2B companies. Whether medium-sized companies or global players, we offer responsible and sustainable management consultants in the fields of mechanical engineering, automotive and aviation. Our consulting includes integrated support at all stages of the value chain: from strategy development through supplier selection and implementation to cultural anchoring in the company. Our consulting approach does not just imply production. We also look at all related direct and indirect processes in your value chain.

As a subsidiary of Staufen AG, we offer you the usual pragmatic approach to actively shaping the digital transformation and the accompanying change. As experienced engineers, we understand your industry, your processes, deliver realistic concepts, implement quickly and accompany you on the sustainable development through your digital transformation to increase your competitiveness. Our USP: The Eco-System of Testbed and Solution Partners, with whom we develop and implement innovative and implementation-oriented results for you. This will take you to the digital destination with less coordination and increased implementation. After the successful implementation in the flagship project, the roll-out and the exploitation of opportunities and opportunities by Industrie 4.0 takes place. Of course you have the choice: Partners in the Eco-System can be your solution providers - but you as a customer are 100% free in your decision.

FANG-AN.DIGITAL: Let's strive for peak performance together!