Thomas Rohrbach
Thomas Rohrbach Managing Director & Co-Founder
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299 Euro for participants
Starting at 2,900 EUR, you, as a company, shape the agenda through your presentation and your both.

NEXCON, the international, fully virtual congress on smart manufacturing, makes it possible to access current Industrie 4.0 topics from anywhere. Be there - as a participant, exhibitor or speaker - and shape the future together with us.

What is NEXCON?

High-ranking experts, digital networking & visionary i4.0 ideas with a focus on China and Germany on a congress day and reachable from anywhere.

When does our offer suit you?

You want to experience global solutions and developments to Industrie 4.0. China is a strategic market for you that you want to get to know and expand, and you are looking for new contacts. You may not have time for trade fair trips and overnight stays, important topics will not be presented in your region, etc.

How does our performance become your profit?

With NEXCON Industrie 4.0 from Germany as well as Chinese industry experiences and visions in the context of a virtual congress: we offer you topics virtually and audio-visually. Through our Chinese office in Shanghai, our network of companies and our Eco system, NEONEX organizes a high-caliber range of presentations, videos and networking opportunities.

What can you expect exactly?

As a virtual congress, NEXCON offers all the benefits of an "offline" event - and more: on the day of the event, log in from anywhere and enter a virtual showroom with booths where you can connect with company representatives via live chat. In the auditorium you can experience current lectures live.

NEXCON offers you decentralized networking with the relevant participants in the industry, contributions from top speakers from their respective field of competence and location-independent, time-efficient in one day and without travel, transport or logistics costs.

Consult speakers in the live Q&A, gain valuable contacts and get exciting best-practice insights via video - that's all NEXCON.