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Talk to us and take an important step for your personal further education and for the long-term success of your company!

What is the content?

Become a Certified Digital Executive! In the continuing education program certified by the St. Gallen Business School (SGBS), you acquire the knowledge you need to succeed in shaping the digital transformation in your company. The innovative program comprises eight days of presence over a period of 18 months.

When does our offer suit you?

You realize that your company is in a great phase of development, you feel the challenges of employees and colleagues in the project implementation and want to support this change with innovation and technology.

How does our performance become your profit?

Take the decisive step and invest in the development of your digital competence with certified training. Become a trailblazer for excellence in your area of responsibility. You will learn about cross-cutting digitization issues and pragmatic application approaches. This will increase your awareness of digitization issues and help you develop your business and support your employees.

What can you expect?

Together with our certification partner, we have combined the best of the worlds of "change" and "digitization" to offer you a unique program. The St. Gallen Business School (SGBS) is at the top level like no other institution for strategic management and general management qualification. For many years, up to 3,000 managers have been trained every year - from the junior manager to the Group Executive Board.

The advanced training program for the digital transformation consists of three stages: You start with an orientation seminar on the topic of practice-oriented digital strategy for the middle class and get the necessary knowledge base. In the second stage, your focus at St. Gallen Business School is on the topic block Business Development or Change Management. The third stage serves to deepen the digitization topics in the field of operations. You can choose between various seminars with us: Smart Factory Vs. Dark Factory, Smart Factory - pragmatically implementing digital transformation on the shop floor or working systems 4.0.

This selection of seminars serves as the basis for accelerated digital transformation and establishes management awareness in your business.